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The JUBILEE SOCIETY is a Mongolian Non-Government Organization, which was founded early in 2001. On 14th May 2001 the Ministry of Justice granted permission to JUBILEE SOCIETY to operate.


OUR GOAL is to reach out to the poorest of the poor and help improve their health, education and food security. We assist individuals in obtaining a regular income for their families.

Traditional homes of Mongolia in compound, Ulaanbaatar
Family at their Mongolian traditional home with visitor

JUBILEE SOCIETY aims 'To prepare the way of the Lord by TOUCHING THE POOREST OF THE POOR that His glory may be revealed', and relies on God's provision. We thank Him for you, for your continuing prayer and financial support for Mongolia and her children.


Good News

Jubilee have know and prayed for Munkhtuul and family for over two years. Munkhtull and children were living with her sister and family, nine people in the same ger.

Bad things happened and Munkhtuul had to leave. It is so difficult for a single mum with five children to get her own ger and set up home.

With the help of an old friend, funds were raised to buy a surplus circus ger, and furniture was given by Jubilee from stock that had been donated for the use of the needy.

How encouraging that donations came and prayers were answered.

Please help those who need help

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